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“The world of denim players seems to be held breathless again this January as one of the world’s most important event in denim calendar; Kingpins Show will be held again.”


             We spent the end of the last month in Paris at ‘Denim by Premiere Vision,’ one of the most important events in the denim calendar. We were delighted to put our latest creations; the premium denim and innovative fabric, on a show to attract the distinguish visitors’ eyes; from a prominent array of pure players to brands internationally recognized within the denim society.

The exhibition dedicated to spring and summer 2014. So you can explore all the trends and what is next in two years advance here. Thank you for those of you who did share the spirit and passion of like-minded denim lover with us time after time. This year was the greatest one we would never forget. Let’s make it again. See you next event.

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