“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style.”

“we have the capacity of producing 2 million meters per month”

Absolute Denim Co.,Ltd, a revolutionary denim manufacturer now ranked as one of the most modern mills in the world. In a singular 90,000 sq.m. building, the mill has the capacity of spinning yarn to dyeing, to weaving to finishing and inspection, combined with packing facilities all under one roof.
The mill is integrated with state-of-the-art machinery from Switzerland, Germany and Italy producing the best quality of denim under an eco-friendly environment.
To service the market with all its fashion optics, the spinning mill has a very yarns as well as elastic yarns, with hi-tech machineries, we have the capacity of producing 2 million meters per month focusing on domestic and international market.
The computerized system enables the plant to change fabric style without halting production to meet our customer’s requirements. The company is leading the trend in all aspect, appearance and developments that are expected by today’s fast-paced fashion conscious market.